Somizi reacts to being compared to Penny Ntuli


Somizi slams being compared to Gagasi FM’s former presenter, Penny Ntuli

Somizi Mhlongo breaks his silence over being compared to the former Gagasi FM’s employee, Penny Ntuli.

The presenter dumped the radio station for offering her R2800 per month. Penny opened up about the peanut salary and it irked South Africans on social media.

A user who frowned at the pay further talked about how Somizi who has zero qualification is paid R150k but Penny with the right qualifications is paid less. Taking to Instagram, Somizi replied the comparison by stating that he is even paid three times the R150k fee.

The media personality used Mariah Carey’s tweet to react to the comparison and captioned the post with, “Why do I feel like Mariah here. lol.”

Somizi’s followers understood his response and it sparked more reactions as some supported his response, while a few others were not in support.

Read some of to the reactions below:

“Was the intention to humiliate the young lady or Somizi?” “It’s not about the talent it’s about using a little you have to get more out of it…”

“You can’t compare someone who built his way up from the 20th century and a young lady starting off her career. Any career requires you to start from the bottom. She will build her way up too and get enough experience to earn that much.”

“As a father, you can’t be entertaining such a post. Penny is younger than your daughter, so how do you even allow this comparison? The fact that you posted it means you are also one of those who are mocking and making fun of the young girl.”

“The nerve to compare a 26 year old to a 50+ years!!! More like comparing a father and a daughter!!! Aybo kant emhlabeni kunjani?? 😮😮, also I’m ashamed of Daddy sharing this!! He could’ve just ignored the and be a bigger person that he is!!”

“Even if it is true you earn that much. Reposting such is super unnecessary by someone who stood at Zahara’s memorial and said ‘we made fun of her, we failed her’. Are we failing Penny unknowingly? Because these derogatory posts for me don’t make sense. Are we really gonna rub salt into her wound?😏 Surely we can do better bafwethu.”



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