Ma-E Opens Up on His New Album, CashTime, Relationship With K.O



Ma-E Opens Up on His New Album, CashTime, Relationship With K.O & More

Rapper Ma-E who just released a new album has opened up on his former label, his relationship with former business partner K.O and more. Read excerpts from the interview below

On getting abuse after Cashtime’s demise

“I got a lot of negativity from social media and the people involved. I took a knock. I was part of the business and the fact that I had released an album while things were happening and people were leaving. People were saying that I couldn’t run a company and that I could not be a businessman and artists at the same time,” he said.

On not being able to lead Cashtime

“You discuss something, and you suggest something, but two other people are going another direction, so the company goes that way. At the end of the day when everything falls apart, everyone has to take the blame. I also had to take the blame because I was not strong enough. I wasn’t harsh enough as a leader. I didn’t fight for things I should have.”

On his new 212 album

“It was a surprise for fans because I have promised them all year that I would be releasing music after what happened with Cashtime. For me, this album is about showing people that you can move on and look forward. That is me; I know that when things are bad, I just have to move on and pray to God that things will work out. And they have.”

On His relationship with K.O

“He is my brother. I call him all the time, and we speak out our careers. In business, things didn’t go well, but he will remain my brother. He knows what he did wrong, and I know what I did wrong, but I still rely on him and value his advice.”

On His relationship with his brother Ntukza

“We call each other all the time, and he is my blood. People have moments (where they fight), but you have to speak if you are family, There were awkward moments, but we had to speak because we are blood brothers. Now we have settled our differences, and we are all good.”


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