Lady Du calls out Spotify over impersonation


Lady Du frowns against impersonation on Spotify

Lady Du calls out Spotify as people drop music using musicians’ identities. The South African star made a screenshot of a song that was dropped on the streaming platform by other people but with her name on it.

The singer frowned at the impersonation and urged Spotify to do something about it before she lost all her listeners.

“I don’t know how many of you experience this, people are falsely dropping songs under our profile to get streams!!!!! @spotify @spotifyafrica kindly help us with confirming before it drops I have 3 songs on my profile of people I don’t even know!!!!!!

My music becomes inconsistent then it makes my listeners drop!!!! Look into this, I don’t know this song and I’m sure my brother @reecemadlisa09 doesn’t too,” Lady Du wrote.


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