Davido And The Remix Of “Tshwala Bam”


“Tshwala Bam” is an amapiano song that went viral soon after it was released, even provoking a challenge along the way. Wel, from the look of things, the number is still snagging fans along the way.

One of those who have been sucked in by the charm of the song is the Nigerian singer Davido. Known for being very expressive in his life and in his music, the songster made sure to share how into the number he is.

The NIgerian hopped on the song – or seemingly remixed it in a clip currently making the rounds online. Of course, given his calibre, it was inevitable that his action should snag attention around the world.

So far, some have commended him for hopping on the song and giving it more publicity. However, some were unimpressed, claiming that he’d actually ruined the original tune.

Well, from the look of things, to each his faction. You can check out the post below and determine things for yourself.

By the way, Davido is one of the leading figures in Nigerian music, He was nominated for a Grammy award alongside Tyla recently. But he lost it to the South African. Still, he had the good sense to congratulated Tyla on her win.


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